Behind the Lens

Ling Studios is a boutique portrait photography studio owned and managed by David and Joyce Ling.

David is the principal photographer. He is known for getting to know his clients well and tailoring his imagery to capture something special of his subjects.

He has a mastery of lighting and can utilize different techniques tailored to his vision of the client. Other professional photographers and clients have described his work as contemporary, fashion-oriented, artistic, and insightful. He has a passion for learning and is a self-admitted technology geek that is always trying out new gear.

David is married to his beautiful and artistic wife, Joyce. With her skill in Photoshop, she customizes each client image to produce a photographic work of art.

David and Joyce have a lovely daughter, Christina. The family loves to travel and is always thinking about where to go on vacation next.


David Ling

Principal Photographer

David Ling

Joyce Ling

Master Image Artist

Joyce Ling